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My work is my passion. I like to create cool and innovative applications.
Code is an art: you learn it, write it and teach it.
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  • Condrea Emil
  • web@emilcondrea.com
  • www.emilcondrea.com

Honors & Awards

  • Prize For Excellence In EducationJune 2014

    International Education Festival - FIE

    Together with 3 colleagues, under the mentorship of a professor from Technical University of Iasi, we developed an eye tracking system named ZuperEye, capable of helping the paralyzed people use the computer and the internet. The system consists of the core eye tracking solution, with an entire infrastructure around it, involving a bundle of desktop and mobile applications glued together with the use of cloud technologies.

    The prize was awarded by the Romanian minister of education.

  • Bring IT on2014

    University of Informatics "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Iasi

    We participated with our eye tracking solution for people with disabilities.

  • First Place at Scientific CommunicationsJune 2014

    Tehnical University of Iasi

    We participated with zuperEye project.

  • Participation at the National Phase of Imagine Cup RomaniaApril 2014

    Microsoft - Imagine Cup

    Using our eye tracking solution, the team I was part of, managed to get to the national finals of Imagine Cup.

  • First place at CENIT Academic TrophyFebr. 2013 - April 2013

    Cenit AG

    I was one of the 3 members of iCode.NET team that joined Cenit Academic Trophy. We had to implement a software that analyzed robot movements and emphasized the wrong ones. We also had to implement an optimal chart system from scratch for drawing few milions of points.

    Because code was very well written and documented and tested we had a big advantage that helped us to win the competition. I presented the key points of the project in front of the jury that decided that our project is the best. One of the jury members told us that we documented the code much better than some of their employees did.


  • C/C++ Antispam engines developerApril 2013 - Present

    Bitdefender, Iasi Romania

    I like to have much control when I write code, that's why I like C++. I develop new features for antispam engines using C/C++. Because portability is a very important fact for our team I am experiencing cross-platform and cross-architecture problems.

  • Spam Researcher & Web developerAugust 2012 - April 2013

    Bitdefender, Iasi Romania

    I develop web applications and I am looking for new ways of optimizing large processing of data. For this reason I got really interested in NoSQL databases and asynchronous platforms. I have improved my RegEx skills since I have been using it every day.

    I enjoy being a part of the antispam research team. Working with the latest technologies and dealing with live results is challenging.

  • Junior Software DeveloperJune 2012 - August 2012

    Bitdefender, Iasi Romania

    I was hired as an intern in order to develop new statistcs platform. I worked with chart systems and learned about new possibilities for server development.

    I have also gained some experience in controlling big flows of data using queue systems like RabbitMQ.

  • Web Developer2011 Summer

    Bocancea Teofil Ambrozie, Vienna Austria

    I worked as an IT Consultant and Web developer during the summer. The company is associated with Project Performance that processes client information for Opel.

    I helped at a Disaster Recovery Plan using Windows Server 2008 and MS SQL Server 2008 R2. As a web developer I implemented three web applications for Project Performance.


  • Yii developerJune 2012 - October 2012

    Digital Frontiers

    I was invited to be part of an international web development team. I worked as a Php developer, implementing security ideas with Yii framework. During the time that I spent with this team I worked at two projects: Analysis of security issues and optimising solutions for online payment platform and Developer for FOREX managers platform.

  • Project ManagerJanuary 2012 - Present

    I created a development team formed by experienced Engineering students and we worked together for some projects. We had several requests for developing job platforms and we did some research into this area and we have improved the current perspective.

  • Wordpress Plugin DeveloperAugust 2011 - March 2012

    During this period I have improved my development knowledge regarding Wordpress area. I created a plugin from scratch and I implemented it with E-commerce platform.

  • Web Security Analyst-

    I was hired to fix some security issues for a complex web platform. I did manage to finish the job successfully and to add protection for the requested issues.

  • Web Developer

    Lieberwirth Productions Germany

    I had to synchronize 3 landing pages for a web application. I developed the mobile version using jQuery Mobile.

  • Web Developer2010 - June 2011

    IT University, Ploiesti

    I developed a dynamic web application for a CISCO academy. The client wanted to monitor his users and be able to manage financial transaction online. The challenge was to make it to look like a desktop application using ajax requests without additional page reloads.


  • Diploma, Computer Engineering2011 - Present

    Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering
  • High School, Mathematics - Informatics2007 - 2011

    Colegiul National Grigore Ghica Dorohoi


  • StackOverflow.com - teacher2011 - Present

    I consider that the professionalism comes along better with teaching skills.
  • C / C++ - teacher2011 - Present

    I enjoy teaching programming, so I took advantage of my passion and I teached a group of C/C++ students.
  • Web developer2011 - Present

    As a student I helped a teacher with a website. It was a long term project and I have been updating it regularly.


  • Table tenis

    I like participation in table tennis championships.

Programming Skills

  • Php

  • Javascript

  • C

  • C#

  • C++

Database Skills

  • MySql

  • MS-Sql

  • MongoDB

  • Oracle

Web Skills

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Ajax

  • Charts

  • SEO

  • Security

  • Online payment


  • jQuery

  • Mootools

  • Yii


  • Wordpress

  • Joomla

  • Magento


  • Apache

  • NodeJs

  • Red5

Design Skills

  • Web Design

  • UI design

  • Application Design

Contact info

  • Email: web@emilcondrea.com
  • Website: www.emilcondrea.com

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